Text from Cat: String Theory

Text from Cat: Must get it. Have to have it. It’s so long and sparkly Must. Get. String.

In our house, we have to hide string. Same with ribbon. Rubber bands. Stretchy ties. 

Because Athena resist them.

Cats and string. It’s normal It’s like terriers and a B-A-L-L. (Just ask Tucker.)

But for Athena, it’s more like an obsession. It’s fun to dangle a string in front of her, and watch her play. But if she gets her paws (or jaws) on an unauthorized long stringy item, she will eat it. Suck it right in and swallow it like the spaghetti scene in The Lady and The Tramp.

Once we found her with a bit of straw sticking out of her behind because she had snarfed it off of a Thanksgiving centerpiece when we weren’t watching. We called the vet who told us not to pull it, but let it come out “naturally.” Which mean about every half hour I had to snip an inch or two off the straw that was sticking out of her butt.

True story.

The things we do for our pets.

What are your pets obsessed with?

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